Director's Message

Mrs. Salma Parveen Director

"Mrs Salma Parveen D/o Late Shamsuddin Rizvi one of the architects of modern India was born on August 30, 1967 in tribal Nagri district Dhamtari state Chattiasgarh and started his career as a IT teacher in Pandit Ravi Shanker University Raipur Chattisgarh India. The 2006 revolt was one of the turning points in Salma Parveen life. He clearly foresaw the imperative need for the tribal to acquire proficiency in the English language and modern Computer Sciences, if the community were to maintain its social and political clout, particularly in Northern west India. She is one of those early pioneers who recognized the critical role of education in the empowerment of the poor and backward tribal community. In more than one ways, Salma Parveen was one of the greatest social reformers and a great national builder of modern India. He began to prepare the road map for the formation of a college by starting schools through Madarsa board Chattisgarh. He instituted Scientific Society in 2005 to instill a temperament into the tribal and to make the Western knowledge available to tribal's in their own language. The Alshums Institute Gazette, an organ of the Scientific Society, was launched in October 2006 and succeeded in agitating the minds in the traditional tribal society. Anyone with a poor level of commitment would have backed off in the face of strong opposition but Salma Parveen responded by bringing out another journal, S.K Singh which was rightly named as 'Social Reformer' She wanted this College to act as a bridge between the old and the new, the East and the West. While he fully appreciated the need and urgency of imparting instruction based on Western learning, he was the first Indian Muslim who felt the need of a fresh orientation of Islam and worked for it his sensitive nature was the first to react to modern age". The aim of Salma Parveen was not merely restricted to establishing a college at Nagri but at spreading a network of tribal educational institutions throughout the length and breadth of the country keeping in view this end, It was the first of its kind of such NGO/Society in India, which awakened the tribal from their deep slumber and infused social and political sensibility into them. Salma Parveen contributed many essential elements to the development of the modern society of the subcontinent. "

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